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Landlord Information

In this industry there is nothing more powerful than experience. Founded over 106 years ago Ray White is Australasia’s largest real estate group and still family owned, ensuring that those original family values are preserved. Today we employ more than 2,000 trained property managers in offices around Australia.

For our clients this means a greater level of care, attention and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

As a client of Ray White you benefit from this group strength via:

  • The industry’s most significant investment in education and training
  • A culture of striving for excellence and innovation
  • The sharing of policy and best practice via our online portal, and
  • Our Group’s first class understanding of the rules that apply to Property Management

At Ray White Property Management our ambition is to add value over and above the traditional functions of property management. We understand your property is a significant asset and that your chief objective is to maximise the return on your most valued investment.

We’ve invested in the best technology, systems and procedures to take care of collecting rent, coordinating repairs and maintenance as well as finding the right tenant. Our team will also focus on the bigger picture when it comes to your investment – that means working with you to maximise the potential of your property portfolio.

Your Property Management team is here to help you

  • Understand how changes in the market will impact your investment
  • Understand the investment strategies available to you
  • Understand how to improve the yield from your property, and
  • Feel confident as an investor in real estate.

Did You Know ….

  • Ray White manages over 200,000 properties across Australia and New Zealand
  • Ray White helped 25,000 tenants move last year
  • Ray White employs over 5,000 sales agents and 10,000 real estate professionals in total
  • raywhite.com is the largest independent internet site in Australasia, exceeding 420,000 visitors each month
  • Ray White is Australasia’s largest property advertiser
  • Ray White is the most googled brand in Australia


Tenant Selection…

Our aim is to get the best possible tenant for your investment property by the following strict guidelines in tenant selection.

We look for:

  • Stability in employment
  • Proof that the tenant is capable of paying the rent
  • A proven history of satisfactory renting
  • Checks on TICA database (lists tenants who owe money to other agents/landlords)

We thoroughly check all references and will not accept any tenant whose references fail to meet our selection criteria.

Tenant Management…

As your Property Manager, it is our duty to ensure that your tenant is well educated as to what is expected under the terms of the Residential Tenancy Agreement. We manage the tenant for you and strive to ensure that, as far as possible, the terms of the agreement are complied with.

Rent Collection…

Rent payment is hassle free for our tenants, they are offered numerous methods of rent payment including Direct Debit, Advantage Card & Money Order, with Advantage Card allowing them to pay rent in the comfort of their own homes via telephone or internet. This limits the amount of cash held on our premises and provides a secure office environment for both clients and staff.

Rental Reviews…

To ensure that you achieve full market rental for your property, we regularly assess the rental market, taking into account such factors as; current market rents, the vacancy factor of similar properties in the area, the general condition of the property, the quality of the tenant and the length of the tenancy.

Arrears Control System…

At Ray White Glenmore Park we have a “Zero Tolerance” policy in regards to rental arrears.

All tenants are issued with (and sign a copy of) our “Rental Arrears Management Procedure”.

We produce a report regularly (3 times per week) which details any tenants who are behind in their rent. All tenants on this list are contacted to determine the reason for their late payment.

By closely monitoring any tenant in arrears we find that most tenants respond quickly to either a phone call or a reminder letter. Any tenant who does not respond is served with a warning letter explaining that if they do not pay or do not contact the office to make arrangements to pay, they will be served with a Termination Notice which gives them 14 days to vacate the property. This warning letter is usually sufficient incentive to get most tenants to pay their rent quickly.

Should the warning letter fail to bring results, a Termination Notice will be issued and once determined valid, contact will be made by your Property Manager to discuss the future of the tenancy with you. As time is of the essence in these legal procedures, we seek your full support with these important steps in order to achieve a seamless transition towards a positive outcome.

Disputes with Tenants…

If handled professionally and expediently most disputes between landlords and tenants can be resolved. The majority of disputes arise over rent increases, repairs and rental bond claims.

Initially the Property Manager acts as a negotiator in disputes between the landlord and tenant. However, if after negotiations the parties have not been able to agree, it may be necessary to apply to the Residential Tenancy Tribunal for a hearing.

The Tribunal is an independent third party who will hear both sides of the dispute and make a decision on the matter. The findings of the Residential Tribunal are not always to the landlords satisfaction, so it is beneficial to try and resolve any problems in the initial stages.

The cost of applying to the Residential Tribunal is currently $34.00 (to the landlord) and as your agent we can represent you at the hearing, preparing the case on your behalf.

Preparation for the Tribunal hearing may include obtaining quotes and taking photographs of the property for repairs or damages incurred by the tenant, or researching the current rental market for comparisons in the case of a dispute over a rent increase.

Repairs and Maintenance…

We monitor repairs very closely and act on all repairs according to your instructions in the Management Agency Agreement. However, should a repair of an urgent nature (as described in the Residential Tenancy Agreement) be reported, we need to attend to this as soon as possible as these items are considered essential services.

Urgent repairs as defined in the Residential Tenancy Agreement are:

  • a burst water service, or
  • a blocked or broken lavatory system, or
  • a serious roof leak, or
  • a gas leak, or
  • a dangerous electrical fault, or
  • flooding or serious flood damage, or
  • serious storm or fire damage, or
  • a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises
  • a failure or breakdown of any essential service on the premises for hot water, cooking, heating, laundering, or
  • any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure.

We maintain records of all maintenance on your property for future reference. By keeping a maintenance record we are able to save you money by eliminating payment for repairs which may be covered under a warranty period.

Payment for Repairs…

Repairs carried out to your property are paid for from rent monies held in our Trust Account on your behalf. Full details of these repairs are printed on your monthly statement of account and the original invoice is attached for your reference.

End of Month Reporting…

Each month we prepare and forward to you a Statement of Account for your property. This statement details the rent collected and the rent period, any disbursements made on your behalf and any sundry items of expenditure which have been detailed in your Management Agency Agreement. Your rent monies will be transferred electronically into your nominated bank account.

Initial Inspections…

Prior to the signing of the Residential Tenancy Agreement for a new tenant, we will carry out a carefully detailed condition report of the property. Detailed photographs are also taken. These photographs and the initial inspection report are kept on file until the tenant vacates, to authenticate the condition of the premises at the commencement of the tenancy.

Routine Inspections…

Regular inspections of your property are carried out, the first one being three months after a tenant moves in and every six months thereafter.

Following a routine inspection of your property you will be forwarded a written report which details the condition of the property and any recommended routine maintenance or optional work such as repainting or replacing carpet. By performing regular inspections we find that you are better able to budget for larger items of expenditure.

As well as the scheduled periodic inspection, our staff will also perform unscheduled drive-by viewings of the property to assess the external appearance and to satisfy ourselves that the tenant is maintaining the grounds as specified in the Residential Tenancy Agreement.

Statutory Disbursements…

Should you wish, we will pay all statutory accounts on your behalf. These could include council rates, water rates, body corporate levies and rent cover insurance policies.

We also invoice the tenant for any water usage charges where the property is separately metered (provided the property is compliant with the new Residential Tenancy Act 2010 with regards to water efficiency).